Research Laboratory Techniques

 The overall objective of our research is to discover novel neuro-rehabilitative techniques consequent to neurological injuries. In our laboratory, we use cutting edge technology including
in-vivo recording of electromyography signals and neuronal activity via advanced cabled and  wireless electrophysiological systems.
– quantification of motor behavior and function by 3D motion analysis system that uses multiple high speed cameras and automated  motion tracking software.
–  sensory function assessment tools.
–   neuronal tracer dye injection using automated advanced stereology microscopic procedures.
– visualization of brain and spinal cord structures post-mortem using advanced imaging procedures including fluroscence and confocal microscopy.
– interventions include motor rehabilitation paradigms, electrical stimulation of brain and spinal cord structures and facilitation by pharmacological agents.

Impact of different rehabilitation training protocols (Shah et al 2013)


Impact of Electrical Stimulation and Pharmacological Facilitation in animals with a Complete Spinal Cord Injury (Shah et al 2012)


3D Kinematic Analysis of Behavior with and without training (Shah et al. 2013)

Stick figures


Spatial schematic of epidural stimulation and pharmacological facilitation in the spinal cord